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Amusing Summer

To bring you delight and comfort in daily life.

Knitted Collection

Come across our core collection, a refined must-have sustainable series.

Featured Series

Dive into effortless elegance and ultra-comfort which presenting our imaginary designs all the time.

The Wave Collection

Like the ripples moving away on the water surface, pleat features the incomparable dynamic. Keep the wave along with your inner rhythm in this post-epidemic era, feeling the pleasure, comfort and ease in daily life.

Aelia Collection

Inlaid with a variety of bright zircon, this collection is like the changing patterns in a kaleidoscope, the colorful light refracted by sunlight, bringing you a strong visual impact.

Lustre Collection

Satin and pearl always naturally exude elegance and tenderness, silky and glossy, like the lake blown by the breeze under the moonlight. Shine with vivid colors, make a shape of charming and true temperament at your best time.

Sustainable Collection

Sourced from planet-friendly raw materials, we use these sustainable and recycled fabrics where we can.

Stories by Topic

Admiration and Inspiration; Creation and Enthusiasm. To Cheer. To Enjoy. To Strive For. Life is Art.


Howdy! I'm Chris Luno, Melodic House DJ & Producer currently based in Berlin. I started DJing in the Netherlands during my Media Management studies and then moved to Cologne, Germany, where I became an intern for a renowned DJ Duo.


I am an L.A. based artist named Ando San. My work is an homage to my struggles, the things I love, and simply, an amalgamation of my passion for music. I produce and record all of my music and have been playing guitar for 10 years. Innovation and creating something new is what I strive for.


Our journey towards sustainability is continuously sourcing for more sustainable materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. During this long journey, TIJN not only expresses the attitude towards life and fashion, but more importantly takes the responsibility for protecting our planet.

About Us

Life is Art

Bring the sensation of art into what we're making, because art should be an enjoyable thing in our daily life.

Living Sustainably

We're making our effort to make this planet a better place by our sustainable activities.

Best Labs

Handmade by the best labs. From our artisans directly to you, without middlemen.

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